One of my friends passed away this year. She was only 60. She died from cancer. She was a smoker. And she knew smoking is what did her in.

Another of my friends, also age 60, has a different story to tell. A number of years ago, she had bronchitis. To be sure it was not pneumonia, her doctor ordered a chest x-ray. There was no pneumonia, and the doctor added, “It’s good to see you were never a smoker.” But, she had been a smoker. She had stopped more than 20 years earlier, and now her lungs looked like those of a lifelong non-smoker.

For almost everyone, it’s not too late. Stop smoking now.

I know it’s not easy. My friend who passed away wanted to quit. She tried to quit. But, she was unable to.

I don’t have the answer about how to do it. I just know you need to do it—for yourself and for your family.

Stop. Smoking. Now. Please.

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