I’m a long-time believer in the power of gratitude. It’s hard to be unhappy at the same time you are being grateful.

I’m grateful for so much this year, and every year, and Thanksgiving is an obvious time to talk about it.

My list is long and it’s hard to know where to begin. I’ll just mention a couple of things.

I’m grateful that my two younger kids had a successful experience in their first year of college and that my oldest will be graduating next month, ending his extremely successful college experience.

I’m grateful that my wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary this year and I’m grateful for everything she does to make the world, and my life, better.

I started practicing yoga at a studio again recently. I had practiced for quite a few years at studios until I moved my practice home. At home, the practice slipped to a brief one each morning and the freedom of the “empty nest” has allowed me to feel good about heading back out for yoga. I’m grateful for that.

I’m also grateful to have Lucy, one of the instructors, who likes to talk about gratitude during each session she leads. She said that if you are stuck in traffic, be thankful you have a place to go—a very enlightened way to look at things.

Along those lines, when your kids make a mess, be thankful you have kids to make that mess. When a tree falls during a storm and damages your house, be grateful you have a house. And so on. Not easy, but pretty cool if you can do it.

What are you grateful for this year? Join the conversation with your comments…

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