Here are some things on my gratitude list this week:

The talented and dedicated authors who devote their lives to creating books that I love to read.

The awesome way the sound of the ocean makes me feel.

That my aunt is so generous with us that she lets us stay at her beach house for a few days each summer for a  wonderful, relaxing, affordable vacation.

That we got mostly great weather during our time at the beach, and that we made the best of the time when the weather wasn’t as good as we would have liked.

That “Wednesday is Sundae” at Carvel — two for the price of one of my favorite ice cream.  🙂

The incredible beauty that so often accompanies sunsets. Just amazing! (See today’s featured image.)

Gratitude is a well-established happiness strategy, one that is well worth doing on a daily basis. Short of that, try doing it at least weekly, starting today.

What are some of the things you are grateful about this week? Please join in with your comments here, or privately, or on the Six Simple Rules Facebook page…