Making these lists is good for me—it’s a proven happiness strategy to list positive things. What will make it really great for you is if you do the same thing—whether privately, or publicly—posting comments here, or on the Six Simple Rules Facebook page.

Here are some of the things that made me smile this week:

My niece Rebecca’s 16th birthday celebration lunch and hike at Tallman Mountain State Park.

The “edible arrangement” I received, unexpectedly, as a thank-you from my friend and business associate Barry, for a speaking engagement at his firm.

Hearing that a friend’s dad was finally making progress and was released from the hospital.

Doing a one-arm pull-up! (Thank you Jesse, for demonstrating the technique.)

The warmly received speech I gave as part of JCC University in Tenafly, N.J.

An impromptu one-block driving meeting with my friend David: David and I traded e-mails early Tuesday afternoon and arranged a tentative phone meeting for Thursday. Because I told him that I wasn’t 100% sure that the call could happen on Thursday, we agreed that if it didn’t work out we would talk after Memorial Day weekend. Then, a couple of hours later, I was walking down 35th street in Manhattan, just past Fifth Avenue, when I ran into David, totally out of the blue, as he was pulling his car out of a parking garage. I got into the car, we had our meeting while we inched west in traffic, and we both laughed about the whole thing as I got off at Sixth Avenue, our meeting complete and our tentative phone meeting rendered unnecessary.

Several awesome acts on America’s Got Talent. I watch a very small amount of TV. I checked out AGT for the first time ever last week, to see what Howard Stern would do on prime time. I had no idea what the show was even about, and was rewarded with quite a few awesome acts, including this stunner. (If the link doesn’t work, go to YouTube and look for AGT 2012 acrobalance.)

Your turn. What are some of the things that made you smile this week? Please join the conversation with your comments here, or on the Six Simple Rules Facebook page.