As I’ve been saying, making these lists is good for me—it’s a proven happiness strategy to list positive things. What will make it really great for you is if you do the same thing—whether privately, or publicly—posting comments here, or on the Six Simple Rules Facebook page.

I’ve done this for three weeks now (two weeks here after the first week I posted only on Facebook). The great by-product of this practice is not only am I doing it weekly, but anticipating my weekly list has me thinking about it daily. It takes 21-days to form a habit and this is now a habit for me. This week I’m letting someone else take a turn.

Here’s Myra’s list of what made her smile this week:

That so many people expressed an understanding that Memorial Day is not just about BBQs.

Hearing that during a friend’s speaking engagement he told a story about me and the audience really connected with what he was sharing. Knowing that my experiences can touch others gave me a mile wide smile.

Learning that my girlfriend became a grandmother on her birthday.

The way my home is becoming a place where friends drop in for good conversation and to watch a movie. It happened twice this week and I look forward to more.

When my cousin posted on his Facebook page about shared memories from our youth and my large extended family actively responded. There was lots of reconnecting. We may even plan a picnic.

When I looked across the sofa and saw my cats snuggled up in a ball.

Spending time with a good friend’s family for the day and sitting around having a multi-generational giggle festival.

My friend bought a potbelly pig which has adopted one of their dogs as a mom. The other day, they locked the pig in its pen and went out to a BBQ. When they got home, the pig was missing. They searched the yard and were frantic, only to find that the pig had somehow opened its enclosure, found its way to the dog door to get into the house, and was sleeping under the bed with the dog. Moral: when you love, you find a way to make it happen.

Your turn. What are some of the things that made you smile this week? Please join the conversation with your comments here, or on the Six Simple Rules Facebook page.