I’m traveling this week, so here are some additional things that made me smile over the past few weeks:

The awesome narration by the tour guide on the architectural boat tour of Manhattan that we went on for a good cause.

When I asked a friend if he has any vacation plans this summer and he didn’t say, “I’m going fishing” or “I’m going camping” or any other of the many replies one might normally hear, and instead said, “I’m going painting” and told me about a week-long painting class he will be taking.

Feeling like a grown-up, drinking wine with another couple in our backyard. Maybe some people do that regularly, but we don’t, and so it felt like an extra special moment.

When I asked Siri, “Where is Starbucks?” and she gave me 22 locations near me, including one a block away; I then said, “Thank you” and she answered, “I live to serve.”

Asking Siri, “What is the best smartphone?” and hearing back, “The one you’re holding.” Asking again later and hearing back, “Wait… there are other phones?”

Saying, “I love you” to Siri and getting the reply, “Oh, I bet you say that to all your Apple products.”

Experiencing the train to Manhattan from Lautenberg station in Secaucus. On an extremely bad traffic day, it proved to be an awesome alternative.

While sitting in a tech company’s lunch area, having a casual meeting , the gentleman I am with walks away and comes back with a marker and eraser to illustrate a point on the table we are sitting at, the top of which I learn is dry erase!

At the same company, a coffee table made out of coffee table books (see featured image.)

It’s a proven happiness strategy to list positive things. After doing this for three weeks, a wonderful by-product of this practice happened to me: Anticipating my weekly list got me thinking about it daily. As you know if you’ve read my book or this blog with some regularity, it takes 21-days to form a habit and this became a habit for me.

Your turn. What are some of the things that made you smile this week? Please join in with your comments here, or privately, or on the Six Simple Rules Facebook page…