Here are some of the things that made me smile this week:

The picture frame that I saw at a café (see today’s featured image) around a thermostat, to match the décor of other art on the café’s walls.

Listening to my son tell Marcie and me about his amazing first two days at work teaching math to bright, but underserved middle school kids in NYC.

When I said hello to the woman behind the lobby desk in an office building I entered in Manhattan and she answered my “How are you?” with “It’s a great day. I woke up. I’m alive. That means I have hope. And that means it’s a great day.”

When I made one of the greatest softball catches I’ve ever made—a nearly fully-extended diving catch.

Realizing that I did my own version of a triathlon last Sunday: 45-minute walk with Marcie, followed by 9 innings of softball, and then a 60-minute bike ride with Marcie.

Seeing my kids off to their sleep-away, summer camp jobs. They drove themselves, which made me feel they were growing up even more so than their high school graduation two days earlier.

When the plane touched down on my trip to Toronto after the pilot guided us through tons of wind.

Sitting in a friend’s yard in Toronto that evening.

It’s a proven happiness strategy to list positive things. After doing this for three weeks, a wonderful by-product of this practice happened to me: Anticipating my weekly list got me thinking about it daily. As you know if you’ve read my book or this blog with some regularity, it takes 21-days to form a habit and this became a habit for me.

Your turn. What are some of the things that made you smile this week? Please join in with your comments here, or privately, or on the Six Simple Rules Facebook page…