Making these lists is great for me—it’s a proven happiness strategy to list positive things. What will make it great for you is if you do the same thing—whether privately, or publicly (posting comments here or on the Six Simple Rules Facebook page.)

After doing this for three weeks, a wonderful by-product of this practice occurred for meanticipating my weekly list has me thinking about it daily. As you know if you’ve read my book or this blog with some regularity, it takes 21-days to form a habit and this is now a habit for me.

Here are some of the things that made me smile this week:

The woman I met, at one of my speaking engagements, who said, “I’m sure you can tell by my tattoo that I believe in your ‘Be Happy’ rule,” as she showed me the smiley face (permanent) tattoo on her forearm.

Learning about a guy who calls himself “The Professor of Positivity and Possibility”. I love that.

Running into my cross-the-street neighbor in NYC. I haven’t run into her on our street in who knows how long, and then we bump into each other in Manhattan.

At a business dinner, when a woman took a photo of her meal. She explained that when she has a delicious, memorable meal she likes to take a photo of it.

Your turn. What are some of the things that made you smile this week? Please join the conversation with your comments here or on the Six Simple Rules Facebook page…