Happy New Year!

Dr. Gabe Mirkin, whose health newsletter I have been reading for years, and highly recommend, reported on a study published last summer with wonderfully positive news: lifestyle factors can have a positive impact on the way your body responds to your genes.

Researchers looked at identical twins with vastly different lifestyles and found (in what won’t seem like a shock, but was still great to hear) a lifetime of exercise is likely to give one the body characteristics of a healthy athlete, while an inactive lifestyle will likely give the other the body characteristics associated with increased risk for many diseases, despite the same genes.

Do not let concern about your genes hold you back! Take it slow, making small changes, one at a time, for the 21 days it takes to create a habit. Then add another. And so on. This is the method that will add up to the big changes that will help you impact your body despite your genes. You can do it!

What lifestyle changes will you work on this year? Please join the conversation with your comments…

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Editor’s Note: We have been publishing posts weekly for seven years. For 2019, we are going to experiment with posts every two weeks. We look forward to determining how this goes and to any feedback you have on this new approach. Thank you.