In speeches, I say eating well, which is one of the most critical parts of being healthy, is hard for a bunch of reasons, one of which is the rules keep changing.

Eggs are bad, eggs are good.

All fat is bad, some fat is good.

Recently, that happened regarding one of my favorite treats: dark chocolate.

A dozen or more years ago, when I heard dark chocolate had health benefits when consumed in moderation, I added dark chocolate to my diet – not a hard habit to adopt, because it’s delicious.

I chose ones with the recommended 70% or more of cacao. In more recent years, I usually bought bars with 85%.

A square of dark chocolate most evenings – a small, sweet treat – really hit the spot.

Then, very recently, Consumer Reports published an article about their study showing significant amounts of lead and cadmium in all the dark chocolate they tested. And, the worst culprits were my favorite bars.

I am hoping the chocolate makers will do something to address this problem. In the meantime, I’ve almost completely stopped eating dark chocolate.

I will continue to follow health news and adjust my lifestyle decisions accordingly – eating habits, exercise routines, and anything else. I hope you do the same.

Be well,