A reader wrote to me the following note about an old post of mine, Gratitude and Perspective

I completely agree with this post!  Whenever I have stress, I try to ask myself: “Are my kids healthy?  Are my wife and I healthy?” When the answers to those questions are “yes,” which is nearly always, I realize that whatever I’m worried about is probably not so bad. Similarly, whenever I think I have a problem, or have been dealt a “raw deal,” I ask those questions. And then I think about just a handful of the ways I’ve won the lottery of life:

I was born and live in a free country – one which, while not perfect, affords the vast majority of us incredible opportunity and all sorts of advantages that most of the world simply does not have (even today).

I had the good fortune of having good parents who first gave me a great set of genes, and then protected, cared for, and nurtured me very well. They also instilled a set of values in me I am very lucky to have. And they gave me an incredible sibling with whom I am very close.

I had a great education – also fully funded by my parents.

I landed a fantastic job out of school, which set me on path to a terrific and lucrative career.

I have incredible friends, who are wonderfully supportive of me.

I am married to an amazing woman, and together we have two phenomenal children.

…just to name a few.  Do some things get me down, annoy, or frustrate me from time to time? Sure. But when I think about things—really think about the important things in life—I realize I have less-than-nothing to complain about—ever.

How do you use gratitude to help you gain perspective? Please join the conversation with your comments…

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