After I republished my post Kindness & the Common Good in my monthly newsletter, a reader sent me this note I want to share with you:

Thank you for this email (newsletter)! I have a constant, inner conversation with myself where I try to be mindful of the point of view of others. If someone on the street is walking slowly, Facetiming as they go, I come up with a reason why that is okay and not annoying. For instance, maybe her mother lives in a time zone halfway around the world and they can’t talk at any other time.

Just yesterday, I had to get help from someone where I volunteer. She works in a department that is inundated all day with requests. When I first walked in, she was frowning. When she finished what I needed, she said, “Sorry for the delay.” I said, “No problem! I know you have to deal with everyone who works here, and that’s a lot of people!” As a result, she was smiling as I walked away. How long did that take me? Two seconds!

My family would say I talk to people too much and that, sometimes, it would be ok for me to just be annoyed and pushy. But, I think, most of the time, people just need a bit of understanding and maybe a smile.

Believe me, I am not Mrs. Sunshine all the time, but I do believe the little effort it takes makes a big difference.

I agree, Laura. Thank you!

Readers: How do you work to be kind in your daily interactions? Please join the conversation with your comments…

Kind regards,