Alex Blackwell is a talented writer who has a knack for presenting important ideas in a simple way. I enjoy his blog. Last year, I interviewed Alex about his first book.

Alex has just released his second book, Letting Go. In Letting Go, Alex has gone a step further, bringing together a group of wonderful writers (many of whom are among my favorite bloggers), to share their thoughts and personal experiences. This kind of book is a great concept and Alex has created a very enjoyable, valuable addition to the world of happiness literature.

Here Alex talks about Letting Go:

What is the inspiration behind the book?

10 years ago it was clear that I had to let go of fear, shame and guilt if my marriage was going to survive.

For the first 18 years of my marriage, I was insecure, thinking that my wife, Mary Beth, was going to leave me. My obsession put pressure on her to tell me constantly, and show me, that she loved me.

My insecurities were born back in my childhood. As a child of an alcohol parent, I thought I was the reason my mother drank – I thought it was my fault and I thought it was impossible to be loved authentically and unconditionally.

To save my marriage, I had to start learning to let go of these negative attachments and embrace the life in front of me. By letting go of the pain, shame and guilt a little at a time, Mary Beth started seeing the positive changes in me.

Last June, we celebrated our 28th anniversary. We’ve never been happier – I’ve never been happier.

Who should read the book?

My book is for anyone who wants to put a painful memory or experience in the past. It’s also for people who are holding on too tightly to their children, even though it may be time to let them go.

The book doesn’t offer a formula or guide for letting go, it just offers the inspiration and encouragement needed to begin the process.

I also think there is value in reading about the experience of others so you won’t feel alone with how your experiences. The stories will elicit an emotional response because each one is filled with honesty, truth and hope.

How is your book different from the thousands of other self-help books?

As I mentioned earlier, this book isn’t intended to be a how-to guide or a self-help manual full of obvious advice, it’s a transparent, and sometimes raw, look at real-life experiences  that have nudged people to let go of negative attachments that were no longer serving them.

I think there’s value, and a sense of connectedness when we discover that we aren’t walking alone.

What is next for you?

I will continue learning how to let go of the things that keep me from enjoying life to the fullest. It’s a daily choice to do this. Some days I stumble and hold on a little too tight, but on all days I attempt to move forward with dignity, self-respect and lots of hope.

As far as my next book? It will be fiction, a novel, but a novel with message that is rooted in the themes that most important to me like forgiveness, seeking positive change and of course, letting go.

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